Podium Step Hire

Podium Steps Hire Badgers Dene

If you are looking for podium steps hire in Badgers Dene, all you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. We can even advise you on the best style for each particular project. 08447048976.

podium steps hire Badgers Dene

Podium steps are excellent for all those small, hard-to-reach tasks. The equipment is lightweight, weighing in at less than 25kg, functional and compact.

This equipment is simple to handle even in tight areas making it easier to operate when you are constantly needing to readjust your working height.

Podium hire is a fantastic alternative to wobbly dangerous ladders and bulky scaffold towers which means it is excellent for little jobs, both inside and out and with a working height of up to 4.5 m, you will be amazed at just what you are able to achieve with the help of this compact equipment.

Podium steps by Euro Towers, Mark1, Youngmans, Towers and Sanders, Eiger and Zarges are available and ready for rapid delivery.

Podium hire Price for Badgers Dene, Essex

Podium steps hire prices only 28 per week.

Other essential safety features consist of an extended guard rail and a safe anti-slip platform deck offering a 360-degree working area, so you can reach to the limits of your job in complete safety.

Podium steps fold flat, so they are easy to transport and manage. They can be put together in just a matter of seconds.

It additionally has a deeper back part that gives added stability to the whole structure, along with the required guard rail, easy-to-operate gate, swivel-locking castors and locking hooks.

podium steps Badgers Dene hire

Made to the very highest manufacturing specifications, podium steps conform to all the existing procedures and quality assurance and if you hire podium steps you know it will certainly arrive pressure cleaned, checked and maintained leaving you ready to get the task done.

Working with a scaffold tower is fantastic for all those sizable building projects, but if you are working at a lower level which is just out of reach from the ground then podium step hire could be the ideal selection.

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